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Summer Hours - 7 Days a week 



10 AM - 6 PM 

Appointment required!


Who we are and what we do:  Camp Dakota is one of the best places in Oregon to play paintball.  We have quite literally introduced more people to the sport of paintball than anyone else in the northwest with our family friendly environment, competitive pricing, and flexible hours of operation.  We cater to new players and specialize in birthday groups, youth groups, family outings, and team building events.  We have a great outdoor woodsball field with plenty of bunkers, trenches, thick forest, and even a wooden city scene to play in.  We also have a separate speedball field that is set up for centerflag type games.   This is a great place for new players who just want a fun and safe place to learn to play paintball in a comfortable setting.  Most people who come to play paintball at Camp Dakota are just here to have a good time and don't take themselves or the game too seriously.  We have a covered staging area, picnic tables, and a propane BBQ that is free for our guests to use while they are here for the day.   

How do you play?  Paintball has many variations. Usually the game is a variation of Capture the Flag. Players carry paintball guns that shoot small balls of non-toxic paint at one another. Two or more teams will compete to capture and move a flag to another locations. Opponents are eliminated from play when they are hit by a paintball that breaks on them. The players that are eliminated are required to exit the game and must wait until the next game begins to return to play. Games typically last 10 to 20 minutes. Teams often will change and the referee may make adjustments in order that all player will have the opportunity to play on a winning team. Boundaries, starting points, and goals are likely to change from game to game to keep things interesting.

What should I wear? Many experienced paintball players will wear special paintball gear to protect themselves, or at least wear multiple layers.  Long sleeves, jeans of pants of a tough material, and shoes with plenty of ankle support.

Do I need to sign a waiver?
Yes. Every player will need to sign a waiver form. Anyone under the age of 18 years will need a parent or guardian sign the waiver for them. 


What is the minimum age limit for paintball?
The recommended age for paintball is 10 years old. The age is not nearly important as the maturity and toughness of the individual child. If the child can follow rule #1 & #2 then they can play. #1 Rule: You must not endanger yourself or other players by failure to follow safety instructions. #2 Rule: You must be tough enough to get hit by a paintball and not cry, whine, complain, or lose your temper. 


How do you play?
After a quick safety briefing, each player will be issued a paintball gun, face shield, and paintballs. Then the ref will divide the players into two teams. You will likely be playing a variety of "capture the flag". Your team will win if you eliminate all of the other players or if you capture the flag and return it to the pre-designated place. When you get hit by a paintball that breaks on you then you are out until the next game starts. The good news is that the next game will start in just a few minutes. The ref should explain the rules of each game to you before you start. If you do not understand, as the ref or one of the other players to explain the rules.   


May I bring my own paintballs?
No. Camp Dakota does not allow players to bring outside paint. Why? Paint sales is how we pay our ref, insurance, keep our air compressor and Co2 tanks full, keep our equipment maintained, and keep the doors open. If you are caught with paintballs on the field that are not ours, you will be asked to leave and your money will not be refunded.   back to top


May I bring my own paintball gun and goggles?
Yes. We require all paintball guns to be checked with a chronograph before they are allowed on the field. Maximum speed is 280 FPS.  


Is there an area for us to have lunch?
Yes. Camp Dakota make pizza and will deliver right to the field.  has a covered staging area with picnic tables for players to use. There is also a propane BBQ for players to use for free if they like so they can cook some hot food.  


Do people play paintball in the rain?
Yes. We play in all sorts of weather including snow. Sometimes we even play at night! 


Do I need an appointment?
We don't require an appointment for paintball if you come during our regular posted business hours and if you have a group of less than 10 people. For 10 or more people please call ahead!


Does it hurt when you get hit by a paintball?
Sometimes. Paintballs can leave a welt if you get hit on bare skin or at close range. You need to be tough to play paintball. We see a lot of 5th graders playing paintball and having a great time. Are you tougher than a 5th grader?  


Is paintball safe?
Paintball has an excellent safety record when played according the rules in a controlled environment. The biggest risk for players is sprained ankles. This is the most common injury. Running full speed through the forest wearing a mask that limits your visibility has risks. There is also the possibility of an eye injury due to a negligent discharge by youself or another player. We have strict rules in place to avoid this and we require every player to understand and follow the safety precautions including wearing a face shield while on the field, and using barrel blocking device on their paintball gun while off the field. We require every participant to sign a liability waiver and children under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver for them before they can participate.  


 Will the paintballs stain my clothes?
Paintball paint is non toxic, biodegradable, and non-staining. You are going to be getting dirty and crawling around out in the forest. The dirt in the forest is not so forgiving so wear some clothes you don't mind getting dirty. We also have a limited supply of coveralls for rent.  


How long do 200 or 500 paintballs last?
Our paintball guns are semi-automatic so every time you pull the trigger a paintball goes "bang" out the barrel. Most players can make 200 paintball last a couple of games. That is about an hour of play time. 500 paintballs lasts about 4 games or 2 hours. For trigger happy folks who have poor aim, the paintballs won't last quite as long. For conservative players who can keep their finger off the trigger, 500 paintballs could last all day.  


Is there a discount for paintball when I am camping?
Many of our activity packages for camping include paintball entry.  Camping guests may play multiple consecutive days when camping and will not be required to pay for entry each day. The only additional cost is extra paintballs. This includes rental equipment, air or Co2 refills.   


What is the field like?
Camp Dakota's paintball field is a large wooded area with plenty of bunkers, trenches, wood buildings, old cars, trees, tire piles, and foliage. There are lots of places to hide and wait in ambush. We also have a smaller speed course that is good for centerflag type games.   

Warning! Never let your child play paintball without the supervision of a trained professional!

We provide the following:


  • Safety training for players​

  • Professional referees

  • Safety netting / fencing around the field

  • A chronograph to check every paintball gun

  • Co2 & high pressure air refills

  • Quality rental equipment


PAINTBALL PASS (Includes all day general admission air/ CO2 refills & basic rental package)                  $20 per person

LOW-IMPACT PAINTBALL PASS (Includes all day general admission air refills & basic rental package     $20 per person

ENTRY PASS & ALL DAY AIR / CO2 (without rental)                                                                                    $15 per person

***Above prices do not include paint!  Individual paint purchase required with initial entry! ****

***All entry passes are good for multiple days when camping!


200 PAINTBALLS    $15

500 PAINTBALLS    $25

2000 PAINTBALLS  $75

Group Paintball Deals for Day Use groups


Paintball Party Package #1 - For groups of up to 12 players

$50 Reservation Fee covers the basic Entry / Rental fees for your entire group. 

$15 minimum paint purchase for each player at time of entry. 

Paintball Party Package #2 - For groups of up to 30 players

$100 Reservation Fee covers the basic Entry / Rental fees for your entire group. 

$15 minimum paint purchase for each player at time of entry. 



Low impact paintball games are for kids ages 7 - 11 years old who are not quite ready for the sting of traditional paintball.  (Adults are welcome to play with their kids too*)  Low impact paintball guns shoot non-toxic biodegradable paintballs at lower speeds than traditional paintball guns making the game better for the younger kids.  With the proper equipment and supervision your group will have a great time playing this entry level form of paintball. 

Low impact paintball guns shoot at about 50% less velocity than traditional paintball guns.  Players who are hit a close range on bare skin may feel a snap similar to that of a small rubber band.  Paintballs can cause eye or ear damage if players do not wear the proper safety equipment and follow the safety rules.   


How it works

Low impact paintball guns shoot a smaller diameter paintball at slower speeds than traditional paintball guns.  Games are played on a special field that is separate from the traditional paintball games so your group need not fear being hit by one of the regular paintballs. Parents and siblings are welcome to participate with the younger kids as long as they maintain an appropriate level of discretion when playing with the younger kids in the group.  

Camp Dakota has all the necessary equipment for groups of 30 or more players by appointment.  



All players will begin by watching a safety video that explains the safety rules.  Typically, the games are variations of a capture-the-flag type game.  The players who are hit by a paintball that breaks on them are out for that round.  The game can be won by eliminating all of the opponents or by capturing the flag. 

Things that you need to know:

  • ALL PAINTBALL GAMES ARE GENERAL ADMISSION.  (This means that you will be playing with other people.) 

  • Field closes at 6PM each day. (or when it gets dark)

  • All groups must be accompanied by an adult chaperone.  The adult must remain on site at the playing area for the duration of your appointment. 

  • All participants must have a signed visitors agreement.  For minor children, this form must be signed by a parent guardian.