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It's Gellyball!

Gellyball is the newest alternative to paintball or lazer tag. No mess, No upgrades, better still...Unlimited Ammo!  That's right, your 3 hour session includes unlimited gellyballs so your cost is fixed. 

Gellyball Q & A

Q. What is a Gellyball?

A. Gellyballs are mostly water. The "shell" of a gellyball is made of an absorbent non-toxic polymer that swells when soaked in water. 


Q. Is there really no mess?

A. Because gellyballs are mostly water, they only leave a small water spot where they hit. Once the water dries, the "shell" of the gellyball dries into a non-toxic powder that will just brush off your clothing. 


Q. Does it hurt to get hit by a gellyball? 

A. Gellyballs shoot at a slower speed than paintball or airsoft. If you are hit on bare skin, a gellyball hit is comparable to a rubber band strike. 


Q. What is the minimum age to play gellyball?

A. 6 years old


Q. Is there an age limit?

A. No. Gellyball is fun for all ages 6+ years. 


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