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Camp Dakota is covered with treasure and you can help find it. Find one of thousands of antique coins, artifacts, and treasures lost in the great stage coach robbery and explosion.  There are still plenty of lost items that are just waiting to be discovered.  


Here is just a sample of the many items lost on the property:

Genuine 99% Morgan Silver Dollars
Antique Buffalo Nickels
Antique Indian Head Pennies
Antique Wheat back Pennies
Sacagawea Dollars
Gold and Silver Jewelry


After the Great Stage Explosion many years ago, the treasure was considered lost and unrecoverable. Now, due to the wonders of modern science, we are able to recover much of this lost treasure. Stop by the campground office and sign up for the great treasure hunt.  KEEP WHAT YOU FIND!!



$20 per hour to rent a metal detector


Treasure Hunt Rules

1.Personal metal detectors are not allowed. (Unauthorized treasure hunters will become a part of the landscape.)

2.No treasure hunting is allowed in individual campsites, inside the paintball fields, across fences, or on gravel roads.

3.Dig no deeper than 6 inches deep. (There are only utility wires down there and you don't want to dig them up!)

4.Refill all your holes!

5.Stop by the office and show us what you found! We will let you keep it!)

6. Return all rentals on time! Someone will be waiting for your return.

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