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The Great Gold Heist Mystery Room

Camp Dakota's mystery room is similar to what is often called an escape room. Participants will work together to gather clues and solve puzzles within a limited amount to time (1 hour) to solve a mystery. At no time will you be locked inside the room and participants may leave and return from the room at will.   Your goal is not to escape from the room. Your goal is to solve a mystery.


It will help if you can play "make believe" as you enter the room an put yourself in the shoes of a concerned mine owner who wants to help the poor trapped miners and find the gold that was stolen from the mine. 

Here are the details of the scenario:

Stage 1

The time period is the mid to late 1800’s and you will start out in the office of the Chief Engineer of the Lucky Strike Gold Mine at Camp Dakota.


There has been a tunnel collapse of one of the mining tunnels at the lowest level of the Camp Dakota gold mine.  The Chief Mine Engineer and 12 additional mine workers are trapped inside the tunnel approximately 400 feet underground.  From inside the engineers office, you must complete several tasks that will ensure the safety of the trapped miners. Failure to complete any of these tasks will result in the death of all 13 miners.  The Mine Engineer is a highly intelligent but absent minded eccentric who often thinks up creative ways to help himself remember important things. Use the clues you find inside the engineers office to save the trapped miners. 


Stage 2

Use the clues found inside the adjacent Wells Fargo Stage Station to determine who sabotaged the Lucky Strike Gold Mine and stole the gold from the safe in the engineers office. You will also need to find the clues to open up the door to the adjacent Western Union Telegraph Office and send a telegram to the stage station where the culprit is headed. Once the culprit has been apprehended, you must return the missing gold for a reward. 

What is the cost?

$80 Flat rate for up to 8 people. (Maximum of 8 people per 1 hour session) 


Are their age restrictions?

We recommend participants be at least 12 years old. Critical thinking and problem solving skills vary by age and by interest. Children younger than 12 years old may be a distraction to those in your group who are active participants. (There are also breakable items inside the Mystery Room.) 


Do I need to reserve a time?

Yes. We will be happy to fill any open time slots on our schedule, certain peak times may not be available without an advance appointment.  

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