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Activity Schedule Request Form

Step 1: Pick your activities

Step 2: Fill out and submit the following form

Step 3: When you receive your invoice in your email, verify numbers / times

Step 4: Pay your invoice online

Step 5: Show up at camp and have fun!

Get a head start on your vacation! Let us know what activities you'd like to participate in, and speed up your check-in when you arrive.

Use this form to select which activities your group would like to participate in. 

We will schedule your group with our best fit for the activities you have requested and the times available, apply any activity credit, and send you an invoice/schedule for you to review. If there is still a balance due, you can pay online by clicking the 'Pay Now' button on the invoice you receive . Reservations are not complete until paid in full. If you do not pay the invoice within 24 hours, your scheduled times will be reopened and need to be scheduled again.

Pre-Booking Required: We recommend booking these at least 7 days before your arrival. We cannot guarantee availability of these activities if booked when you arrive.

  • Zip Lines

  • Challenge Course

  • Paintball / Gellyball

  • Mystery Room

Pre-Booking NOT required: These activities can be scheduled when you arrive (Tie Dye), or do not require an appointment. See Office for more details when you arrive.

  • Tie Dye

  • Gold Panning

  • Treasure Hunting

  • Disc Golf

  • Jungle Maze

No refunds will be issued for overpayments due to incorrect number of participants.

No refunds will be issued due to missed appointments.

Adventure Wristband (Age/Weight Restrictions) - $25 per person.

Spring wristband activity hours March 18 - June 13

Fall wristband activity hours Sept 9 - Oct 31 

During Spring and Fall, Wristband activities will only be available 10AM - 6 PM Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday.

     Valid for multiple days when camping.

     Includes access to:

  • Archery Range

  • Tomahawk Throw

  • Rock Wall

  • Disc Golf

  • Adventure Quest

  • A variety of Arts & Crafts

  • Discounted Paintball/Gellyball session

Aerial Challenge Courses (Age/Weight/Height Restrictions)  - $55 per person / $40 when reserved 7+ days in advance

6 Zipline Tour  (Weight Restrictions) - $75 per person / $60 when reserved 7+ days in advance

10 Zipline Tour  (Weight Restrictions) - $95 per person / $75 when reserved 7+ days in advance

Rock Wall (Weight Restrictions) - $10 for a 60 minute session

Archery / Tomahawk Range  (Age Restrictions) - $10 for a session

Paintball (Age Recommendations) - $45 for 3 hour session. Includes gun, mask, and 500 paintballs.

Gellyball (Age Recommendations) - $45 for 3 hour session. Includes gun, mask, and unlimited ammo.

Mystery Room (Age Recommendations) - $75 Flat rate for a group of up to 8 people

Tie Dye - $25 per shirt. Sizes available: Youth S-L; Adult S-XXXL

Gold Panning -

     Basic Bag - $10

     Premium Bag - $20

     Family Bag - $75

Treasure Hunt - $15/metal detector/hour. Note: Metal Detectors need to stay at least 100' away from each other during use.

The form below is for guests with a camping reservation.

If you are coming for the day, please visit our DAY USE APPOINTMENTS PAGE 

Activity Request Form
March 18 - October 31

This form is for camping guests only, if you are coming up for day use please use the button above. Please complete this form only once per campsite. If your group is trying to split their payments up, additional guests must book their activities separately using the 'Day Use Appointments' above.

03:00 PM

Campsite check-in is 3 PM, check-out is 11 AM. Day use parking is available both before check-in and after check-out.

11:00 AM
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