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Read carefully. All deposits / payments / fees are NON-REFUNDABLE

Camping Reservations

  • All camping reservations require pre-payment for all of the sites reserved.  Please take care to check your dates.

  • All payments & fees made at time of reservation are 100% non-refundable. No exceptions. Some fees may qualify for a future credit. See our details below.  

  • We recommend Vacation Insurance to protect you in the event of a last minute illness or accident that could cause you to miss your reservation.  Camp Dakota will not refund reservation fees due to last minute illness or accident. 

  • The State of Oregon charges a tourism tax on all private campgrounds, hotels, & motels. The tourism tax applied to Camp Dakota is 5% of the total usage fee. This amount will be added to your user fees.

  • Every time you wish to make a change to an existing reservation, you will be charged a Change Fee of $5 per site changed. This includes date changes, cancellations, and site changes.

Changes To Camping Reservations 

Changing the dates of an existing reservation is considered the same as cancelling a reservation and are subject to minimum notice requirements.  If you have completed a reservation and later decide that you would like to make changes to one of the sites you reserved, a $5 Change Fee will be charged for each site you wish to change. This includes the following changes.

*Subtracting nights
*Subtracting sites
*Date changes 
*Changing from one site to another site
*Transferring the reservation from one party to another


Please note: Only the person who made the original reservation is allowed to make changes to your reservation.

Check-in Procedure

  • Upon arrival, you must check in at the campground office and pay your balance due and for any additional vehicles. All guests are required to check in at the campground office, pick up parking passes, and register their vehicles. Unregistered vehicles will be subject to tow.

Late Arrivals

  • Guests who plan to arrive after 6 PM must make prior arraingments with the office by calling ahead to notify us of your late arrival.  Yurt arrivals who plan to arrive after 6 PM should call ahead to make arraignments to pick up their keys after business hours.

  • Minimum Stay: For Friday and Saturday nights October 31 through February 28 we have a two night minimum for all camping sites. For Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends we have a three night minimum stay.

  • Guests who have not checked in or contacted us within 12 hours of check-in time may have their reservation cancelled 

Cancelling Camping Reservations

We do not issue refunds. Read the following cancellation policies carefully prior to making a reservation. Some cancellation may be eligible for a rain check/credit towards future reservations.

  • Group Camping:(Includes our group sites, and group reservations of three or more individual sites)

    • 90 or more days notice required:

      • If your reservation is cancelled at least 90 days before your scheduled arrival date, the pre-paid user fees & taxes (minus a $5 change fee per site) may be used as a rain check towards a future stay. (In-house credits do not expire.)

    • Less than 90 days notice:

      • Camp Dakota retains all reservation fees, taxes, and user fees. This includes cancelling all or part of your reservation. There are no exceptions.

  • Yurts & Cabin Tents 

    • 14 or more days notice

      • If you cancel at least 14 or more days prior to your scheduled arrival date, the pre-paid user fees & taxes will become an in-house credit towards a future reservation minus a $5 change fee per site. (In-house credits do not expire.)  

    • Less than 14 days notice:

      • If you cancel a yurt reservation less than 14 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival, and the yurt is not re-rented, Camp Dakota will retain the camping portion of the pre-paid reservation fees, taxes, and user fees. If we are able to rent the sites you reserved to someone else, you may receive a credit towards a future reservation (minus a $5 change fee per site). You may contact us after your original arrival dates to see if we were able to reserve the yurt for the dates you cancelled. (In-house credits do not expire.)

Cancelling less than three individual tent sites, tee pees, or RV sites

  • At least 24 Hours notice:

    • If you cancel less than seven days before, but more than 24 hours before your scheduled arrival date, the user fees may be used as a rain check credit towards a future stay (minus a $5 change fee per site). (In-house credits do not expire.)

  • Less than 24 hours notice:

    • Camp Dakota retains all reservation camping fees, taxes, and user fees. No exceptions.

Cancelling more than 3 tent sites, tee pees, and/or RV sites: See Group Camping*

No Shows & Unoccupied Sites

  • All sites reserved must be occupied the first night of the dates reserved. If you plan to arrive later than your scheduled arrival date, you must contact us before 6PM the day of your arrival date or your entire reservation for that site will be cancelled and all fees will be retained by Camp Dakota.

Date changes

  • All date changes are considered cancellations and will be treated the same as a cancellation. If you wish to make changes to the date of your reservation, please check the cancellation policy to see if you are within the allowable time frame to do so without significant penalty.

  • If you are within the allowable time frame to make a change, a $5 Change Fee will be charged for each site you wish to change. This includes the following changes:

*Changing from one site to another.
*Cancelling one or more of your sites.
*Changing dates of your reservation.

You will not be charged a change fee if you wish to add sites or add additional nights to your existing reservation.


Cancelling Activity Reservations 

24 Hour notice is required to reschedule individual family activities.  14 Days days notice is required to re-schedule group activity programs. All deposits / prepayments are non refundable.  If you do not provide the appropriate notice to cancel your reservation you will lose your deposit / all fees paid.  As long as you give us the appropriate notice you will have a credit which may be used towards a future date. No shows / late arrivals will not receive a refund. If we cancel an activity for any reason, you will be allowed to reschedule.  

Inclement Weather Cancellations


Camp Dakota is located at 2000' elevation. During the months of November thru mid April it is not unusual for us to receive snow. The county road is plowed and sanded on a regular basic when this happens. If you are not pre-pared to drive on snow or icy road conditions, you should plan to visit us during May through October. 

If the NOAA forecast for our specific area is for sustained winds in excess of 46 MPH Category 9 Beaufort Scale we will close the camp and issue a credit towards a future visit.  In the event of this rare occurrence, guests will be notified by phone and email immediately.  

If the the county maintained roadway is covered in deep un-plowed snow, guests will have the option to cancel their reservation and receive a credit towards a future visit.  (Hard packed snow or icy road conditions do not apply.)  Due to our elevation and remote location, guests can expect the possibility of driving on hard packed snow or ice during the months of November thru March.  


Temporary Closures

In the event that Camp Dakota is required to close down temporarily, guests with reservations during that period of closure must agree to accept an in-house credit towards a new reservation at a later date. Events that could occur that may require Camp Dakota to close include, but are not limited to the following: Fire, flood, earthquake, storms, outbreak of contagious illnesses and diseases, general evacuation order, road closure, smoke from fires elsewhere, terrorism, domestic terrorism, act of God, and orders by civil authorities.

This will serve to protect our ability to retain our employees and keep Camp Dakota maintained and ready for guests once we are allowed to reopen. 


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